Ocean Tag

Let it remind you of the ocean

Material: Wood

Available these sizes:

20mm: felines/toy dogs - php 500

30mm: small-medium breeds - php 530

40mm: large-giant breeds - php 560

Glow in the Dark Beach Tag:

20mm: felines/toy dogs - php 540

30mm: small-medium breeds - php 570

40mm: large-giant breeds - php 600

We are also open for customs on choosing your own colours for your wood tag! You will find it in the order form.

Please keep in mind that each tag may vary, since they are designed by hand one by one, every tag will be unique!

All tags comes in with two split rings. You may add the S-Carabiner lock to your cart for an easy exchange between different collars and other accessories while giving security in their smooth functioning lock.